The Paradox of Change.

Praise Tatenda Mucheche
3 min readJan 21, 2022

The New Year, New Me saga continues…….

Happy New Year! Yes, it is a tad bit too late for the festivities but truly never too late to acknowledge the blessing of making it into a new year.

I truly believe 2022 is going to be a very different year for me. I believe that it will be the year I walk into some of the things I have always dreamt of and been passionate about why because for me and perhaps you too, it is the year to ‘LIVE’.

When God gave me this word it was probably a few months before the end of 2021 and I was so excited, I thought well it’s about time we got a word like that! Where do I start, how do I start living it up, God. It didn’t take too long for the understanding and revelation of what this word truly meant to simmer me down a little bit.

Have you ever desired to do something, to become someone, to pursue something wholeheartedly with the purest intentions, knowing that it would bring so much glory to God and peace to you? Have you ever wanted to uncomplicate life and simply live, no I don’t mean to be irresponsible or careless but to be free, to live in the now of life at its maximum best?

The late and wise Dr. Myles Munroe often said, “ the only constant thing in this life is change”, how true that is yet as life starts to change around us we can either get stuck in the past of what it used to be or become obsessed with the future of what it could be and forget that the now and present you’re in was once the future of yesterday and will soon become the past of tomorrow….*drops mic*….

Yeah, I know you know exactly what I am talking about and perhaps like me you have once again taken time to sit down and take inventory of your life and make resolutions as they used to be called a while back but the more modern and trendy way would be goals or a vision board like I did. All of this is commendable and must be done because we don’t get to places without planning but do we just plan and end there?

Do we just plan to lose weight and lose it? Do we just desire a community of amazing friends at work or church and just have them? Do we just desire to be the best mum, dad, sister, brother, or father and just become that, do we just desire the best grades in school and it happens? Heck, do we desire for our room to be clean, and voila it is so?! I know you know the answer to that and it is a whooping NO. The action part is the hardest part but for the past years in my life, I didn’t understand why I always failed in the execution part.

Some things I’ve learned thus far.. and it’s only really been almost a month into the new year:

1. Habits built over years into our character take time to break , Yes we all know the cascade of actions, they turn into habits, habits into character, we’ve all heard about it and it is accurate. We have proclivities about most of the things we do and act out on at this point in our lives that we have built over the years, these things don’t just go overnight.

2. Bad habits are like strongholds that need to be broken: Ohh yes you read that right. I realized early on that if I was going to actually do the things I plan to I would have to acknowledge that the bad habits and characteristics I’ve built over the years are strongholds that need to be broken. I decided not to downplay my inclination to think, speak or behave a certain way, rather face it, really see it and work on a strategy to uproot it out of my life. So far well, it’s a slow process but that is how it is.

3. Be patient with yourself: I know you want to be the best you like yesterday…..